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What to expect

Stepping into a new church can be intimidating. To make you more comfortable, here are several things you’ll experience in Sunday worship:

  • All are welcome to St. Timothy, and you can expect folks to greet you with a smile as you enter.

  • Our Sunday morning worship is a blended service. It blends traditional and contemporary worship music and styles. We are deliberate in the way we worship, incorporating elements of historical Lutheran liturgy; but we also regularly explain why we do what we do. If you are brand new to church, it won’t take long to learn the flow of the service.

  • The worship service is around one hour in length; a little longer when we celebrate Holy Communion (first and third Sundays of the month and on special occasions).

  • There is no “dress code” at St. Timothy. Folks come from all walks of life and dress in everything from Saturday casual to Sunday best.

  • Following the worship service everyone is invited to the courtyard for drinks and snacks. In the summertime we have ice cream! Pull up a chair to one of the tables and get to know someone new!


Church leadership

STLC is governed by the church council. There are 12 members on the church council which are elected by the congregation. Each council member offers leadership in a particular area of church life (i.e. Outreach, Service, Fellowship, etc.). The church council meets monthly and if you have any questions you can reach out here.

meet the staff

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